All for you: with the ticket the toilet is free! (PHOTOS)

Sincere concern for passengers is not fiction. Note the ticket bought at the bus station in Transcarpathia. At the bottom of the document it says (literally) "toilet is free." 


Nowadays, according to our observations, toilets at bus stations are either paid or non-existent.We have already checked in practice how the inscription on the ticket is applied in Uzhgorod. At the bus station, we came into the paid toilet and showed a travel document. At first, the woman did not understand what I wanted from her, and then she said "ahhh, come in." If you are not a passenger, you must use the toilet on a common basis (pay).

Passengers should know that from now on a ticket gives you every right to use toilets for free. If there is no toilet – it’s not your problem, but a bus station’s. They have to provide it for you

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