Alexandr Gavrosh and Galyna Malyk prepare new books for ‘Old Lion Publishers’

The chief editor of ‘Old Lion Publishers’ Mapiana Savka and children’s writers, who are publishing here – Alexandr Gavrosh and Galyna Malyk met with journalists in the press center ‘Zakarpattia’ today, on May 3.

As Alexandr Gavrosh told, the publisher representatives came to attend the play ‘Tsyrk Ivana Syly’. By the way, the book with the same name was published in this publishing house and now appeared the third edition of the book.

Mariana told that she is quite a rare guest in Transcarpathia, but she is on friendly terms with many local writers and poets. In particular, three Alexandr Gavrosh’s books and one Galyna Malyk’s book (‘Zabavlianky’). The best of them she finds a book about the adventures of the bandit Pyntia and she did not resist from not to reveal Mr. Gavrosh secret that he’s working now on one more work – a novel about Did-Vsevyd.

What concerns Galina Malyk, Mariana Savka highly appreciated the book of our poetess ‘Zabavlianky’ which now has a sequel in the electronic form. She also informed that Galina Malyk prepares for the publisher a collection of not rhyming rhythmic prose, which will be named ‘Babusyna knyzhka’ (‘Grandmother’s book’).

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