Africans were travelling from Kyiv to Vienna with false French passports

In recent days, Chop border guards prevented another attempts to illegally cross the border. This time, at the checkpoints on the Hungarian border.

Two men, immigrants from Africa, who were traveling by bus "Kyiv-Vienna", presented border guards passports of citizens of France. However, in the course of technical study of the passports border guards found out that they were completely fake. According to the travelers, they came to Ukraine to study at Ukrainian universities, but later decided to search for a better life in France. They receives the passports from unknown persons for EUR 1,250r each.

In another two cases border guards detained a citizen of Ukraine who tried to cross the border with other person’s passport, and a man who presented a fake passport of the citizen of Israel.

Against all detained offenders, administrative procedural documents were drawn for trying to illegally cross the border. Decision on their fate will be made in court.

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