Administration office of UzhNU is going to be relocated

Administration of Uzhgorod National University is going to be relocated to the premises of the Faculty of Economics (near the building of the Transcarpathian Regional Council). Now they are doing necessary repairs there. As it became known to, the main reason for relocation is the need for a larger space. In the old university administration there was no room to receive the official delegations, not enough space for teachers and students in the waiting days, during periods of submission of receipts for tuition fees and so on.
In addition, the historical faculty is moving from its previous premises – it has fewer number of students, so it fits at the economic faculty together with the administration. Also in this building, the museum of UzhNU will be opened.
In turn, the Faculty of Economics will move to BAM, where they will be studying closer to the Faculty of International Economic Relations.
As for the old administration building, they plan to accommodate technical departments of the University there, which now are scattered throughout the city.        

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