Accidents by the Transcarpathian officials. Are investigations and trials ongoing?

In November 2012,resonance and some extraordinary accident occurred in Uzhgorod: in the night at the Theater Square drunk driver on «Chevrolet Captiva», rushed via pedestrian bridge, lost control and crashed into the fence of embankment. Metal statuette of St. Mikolajczyk was damaged.

But the absurdity and impudence of such an act is just a modern trend: you have the driving license, expensive car and some status in the society – so you may behave as if no regulations are applied to you. In particular, we may mention a sensational accident in spring of 2012, when after a collision with a petrol tanker a quadricycle with three passengers had overturned. It was driven by 15-year-old son of a former Mayor of Uzhgorod Serhiy Ratushnyak.

Recently accidents involving officials, law enforcement agencies or other government officials have increased in our region. Thus, in 2012 the "Ukrainian Week" magazine gave information about the most sensational "major" accidents in Ukraine for the first half of 2012, which killed 11 people (note: in Ukrainian "the major" – a person who takes advantage of his or his relatives’ official position or money, lacking any restraints). Two of them (with fatal consequences) occurred in Transcarpathia.


It concerns the accident involving Kovacs Inna, the daughter of "Zakarpattyaoblenergo" head and former deputy of Transcarpathian Regional Council (now Member of Parliament) from the Party of Regions Vasyl Kovacs. And the accident in Vynogradiv where the name of Assistant to Vinogradiv District prosecutor, Eduard Zuzak was mentioned. The former killed a motorcyclist and the latter – a driver and passenger.


According to the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office, after a series of examinations the case was closed due to lack of formal components of a crime. Experts agreed that the biker was moving not on his part of the road and exceeded the permitted within speed. Seeing the oncoming car he braked sharply, flew from the bike seat and hit his head on the door "VW Touareg."


Almost a year has passed since the accident in Vynogradiv. In the morning of April 22, in the village Onok accident involving an assistant to prosecutor of the same district occurred. His «Peugeot 407" counter-faced «Audi-80".As the Prosecutor’s Office informed, as a result of the accident the driver and a passenger of "Audi-80" died on the spot, and the assistant to prosecutor was taken to the intensive care unit Vinogradiv hospital.


There were supposed to be series of examinations, including on the presence of alcohol in blood. But early results showed differences in terms of: hospital breathalyzer recorded the mild intoxication at assistant to prosecutor while examination showed that he was sober. Prosecutors promised to investigate. Then they were waiting for expert reports from Lviv Research Institute. Right now the case is completed – the trial is still on-going. During this time the assistant to prosecutor left his job and retired.


In another extremely resonant case, which shocked Transcarpathia two years ago, involved police officer.


April 20, 2011 on the way from Beregovo to Mukachevo, between the villages of Lower Koropets and Dertsen, 21-year-old head of the peasant-farming "Kovacs" Mykola Tovtyn was killed in a car accident. His car was hit by "VW Passat", a service vehicle of Transcarpathian MIA with the Chief of Beregovo district police department Yatskanych Olexander and his driver. Prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into the accident, and after a long investigation referred it to the court.


Mr. Yatskanych entered the case as one of the victims, and his driver – as a defendant. The parents of the deceased boy posted hundreds of ads asking witnesses of the tragedy to respond. In December 2012, Mukachevo District Court began its consideration.


The latest most resonant case was an accident in Khust, which killed a young woman and her daughter. On November 19, 2012, the Head of Khust branch of "Zakarpathaz" Pavlo Nahirnyy driving his "Mittsubisi Pajero" went into the oncoming lane and crashed into «Daewoo Nexia» driven by 32-year-old Halyna. Together with the woman there were her seven-year old daughter and two children in the cabin. Halyna and her daughter were killed immediately and the other young passengers were hospitalized with serious injuries.


The case is stocked with all kinds of things: evidences of psychiatrists who first recognized Nihirnyy to be their patient, and then claimed that he was healthy, and his escape … to Beregovo psychiatric hospital, and public mass meetings of perturbed Khust citizens who fear that the offender shall avoid punishment.


And this year there was another tragedy, which involved a representative of state authorities. On the highway of national importance, "Kyiv-Chop", near Klyachanovo village in Mukachevo district, a driver of service car «Skoda Fabia», moving in the direction of Mukachevo, hit a 49-year old local woman on a bicycle who tried to cross the roadway. The woman was thrown into oncoming traffic, where she was hit by a «MAN» truck.


The Skoda was driven by Mizhhirya district police chief Yuriy Petsa – this fact was confirmed by the MIA in Transcarpathia. The case is now being considered by prosecutors. The single register of pre-trial investigations includes data from Prosecutor’s Office of Mukachevo on the accidents with preliminary qualification of criminal offense according to Part 2 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (violation of traffic safety or operation of transport by persons who are driving). The investigation is ongoing.

Worth Knowing, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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