Accident with Mikolajczyk was not recorded?

As previously reported, this morning city residents saw broken railing, where Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk was installed.

The spokeswoman for the regional traffic police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Trofimchuk Hanna informed that the accident on Teatralna sq. had not been reported, so the violation had not been recorded. No one has contacted the police for video from the CCTV cameras, and they advised to ask in Uzhgorod City Hall. 
Mikolajczyk – the work by Uzhgorod sculptor Mykhailo Kolodko – is not the only one which has suffered at the hands of vandals. A similar fate befell many of his brainchildren: the bear in the city center and a mini-cathedral in the arcades have been vandalized, a tree branch has fallen on Franz Liszt and knocked it into Uzh, and Svobodka’s lantern has been broken.

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