Accident on Slovyanska embankment is in the spotlight (PHOTOFACT)

"Today in the evening, I witnessed a terrible accident near the Bozdosh Park in Uzhgorod. I was passing by, stopped, and saw that the driver of one of the cars, "Ford," was trapped in the car, so I called the rescuers – Bohdan Andriyiv wrote on his Facebook page.

I was impressed by how quickly they arrived, maybe less than 5 minutes, faster than ambulance and the police. They were working very efficiently, cut the door, took the man out. I really hope that he will recover!

Sincere thanks to senior lieutenant M.Scherbey, sergeant V.Dudash, ensign N. Borovska, private S.Mitrovka, master sergeant V. Dovganch! Also, to the head of the rescue team of the emergency rescue detachment of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region Oleg Palamarchuk and the head of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine Office Roman Gudak. We will definitely thank them again officially, will award the rescuers. It’s good to have such people to rely on!

Just now I’ve found out from the doctors that the man, who was rescued, is in an extremely severe condition, the woman from the other car has injuries of moderate severity."

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