About the spot on the Uzh: the river was polluted by the “Zakarpattyaoblenergo” hydroelectric power plant

February 7th, the city was agitated – a strange oily stain was floating down the Uzh.

The Office of the State Emergencies Services found out the reason. 

They inform: employees of Uzhgorod department of the State Emergencies Service Office conducted a visual inspection of the Uzh river channel along the route: Domanyntsi neighborhood (the city of Uzhgorod) to the village of Storozhnytsya (Uzhgorod district), which did not reveal any oily spots.

It was found out that during the work on the replacement of units at Uzhgorod HPP of the "Zakarpattyaoblenergo" JSC at: Uzhgorod,  Elektrozavodska st., the oil leaked to the derivational channel.  Specialists of the laboratory for monitoring of water and soil of the Tisa Basin Water Management Administration examined the Uzh river and the derivative channel, took water samples for the determination of petroleum products content. Based on the results of hydrochemical analyzes, the quality of the surface water in the Uzh river meets maximum allowable concentrations for fishery pond water.

At the exit of water from the waterworks to the Uzh river, employees of the "Zakarpattyaoblenergo" JSC set slick bars, surface water was treated with absorbent.

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