A visit to Uzhgorod as a means of rehabilitation (PHOTOS)

NGO "Association of Wives and Mothers of the ATO Participants" organized a rehabilitation trip for internally displaced persons, wives, children and mothers of the ATO participants. The trip to Uzhgorod (Transcarpathian region) took place on 25-26 of June.

"Now a lot of attention is paid to psychological recovery of the ATO participants, but very few pay attention to how important it is for women and children to escape from the war and how difficult it is for them to support their husbands who return from the war. Our trips of Ukraine make the ATO participants’ families understand that our strength lies in unity, and that they can count on the support", – Nataliya Moskovets, the coordinator of the NGO "Association of Wives and Mothers of the ATO Participants" says.

The trip to the city of Uzhgorod was attended by 34 participants, including 20 children aged 3 to 11 years. They took part in a tour of the city, visited Uzhgorod castle and the Old Village, numerous workshops for children, a visit to the Puppet Theater and rehabilitation meeting with a psychologist.

"Our trips are based on family values. We are trying to improve parenting skills and relations in the families. Therefore, all the activities undertaken in Uzhgorod were aimed at deepening the emotional connection between mothers and children", – Nataliya Moskovets added.

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