A Ukrainian, who was importing and selling foreign cars, has been caught

Chop customs officers executed 3 protocols against the citizen of Ukraine, who in recent years has managed to import three foreign cars in the temporary import mode and disposed of them without the permission of the customs authority, avoiding the payment of customs duties and taxes.

The 32-year-old Ukrainian was returning from Hungary via the checkpoint "Luzhanka" by the car "Audi A4" with Italian registration. During the customs control, the inspectors, using the unified automated information system of the Customs Service of Ukraine, found out that in December 2011 the man had imported through the checkpoint "Kelmentsi" of the Chernivtsi customs a "BMW 525" in the temporary import mode and "forgot" to export it in time. The following year through the checkpoint "Mamalyha-Kryva" of the Chernivtsi customs he brought a SUV "VMW X5" with the Italian license plate, also under the obligation to take it out abroad in time. And in early 2013 through the checkpoint "Tisa" of the Chop customs office in the same mode he imported a "Ford Transit".   As the offender admitted, he had sold all three foreign cars in Ukraine to strangers for minor sums of money.

So for the illegal disposal of vehicles that were imported to Ukraine in a temporary mode, three protocols were executed against the man under Article 469 of the Customs Code of Ukraine and penalties shall be applied.

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