A Ukrainian was carrying to Italy a revolver with cartridges

Yesterday at the customs post "Tisa" on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, Chop inspectors together with border guards prevented the illegal export of a revolver with seven cartridges to the EU.

Heading from Ukraine to Italy by a "Toyota Higlander", a 48-year-old driver during customs clearance deliberately chose a simplified mode lane – "green corridor". However vigilant border post staff decided to thoroughly check the man and sent his car for a joint inspection.And with good reason. When checking the car, in the niches provided by the manufacturer for small things, which is placed between the driver and passenger seats (armrest), customs officers found an object, similar to a revolver of 4mm caliber with labeling "KORA BRNO Czech made", "Cal. 4mm RANDZ LONG" and 7 cartridges in the drum. The citizen immediately recognized the object as his property and confirmed that he did not have permits for it. So, for violation of the established procedure for customs control in the "green corridor" and transportation of weapons with cartridges without permits the protocol was written against the citizen of Ukraine under Article 471 of Customs Code of Ukraine. The discovered revolver with ammunition was seized.

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