A truck with beer overturned in Transcarpathia: the driver and his partner were drunk (PHOTO)

An accident happened last night on the highway Kyiv-Chop near the village of Holubyne in Svalyava district: a truck VOLVO loaded with beer drove into the ditch and overturned.

The accident was reported to the patrol police response team, who were on duty on the road, by the driver of another car. He showed the policemen where the overturned truck was.

The cabin was blocked, there were two men in the cabin, and the law enforcement officers had to free them from the trap.

It turned out that the truck, owned by an entrepreneur from Irshava district, was carrying beer from Kyiv. It was driven by a resident of Mukachevo district, his partner was in the cabin. Both men were in the state of alcohol intoxication: one had 1.6, the other one – 1.34 ppm of alcohol in the blood.

The police officers drew up appropriate administrative reports against the both offenders for driving under the influence of alcohol and seized their driver’s licenses.

Department of Communications

of Transcarpathian Regional Police

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