A tree fell on a car in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

On the night of July 11-12, unfavorable weather conditions (gusty wind and rain) were observed in the region, as a result of which the settlements of the region were cut off from power supply. 
Thus, as of 11:00 on July 1212 settlements in Mukachevo (Lalovo, Zubivka, Sofia, Berezynka), Irshava (Zabolotne, N. Bolotne, V. Rakovets), Velyky Berezny (Husny, Uzhok), Mizhhirya (Maydan, Torun, Pryslip) districts remain without electricity. 
6 emergency crews of "Zakarpattyaoblenergo" PJSC are working at the sites. 
In addition, two cases of falling trees were reported in Uzhgorod. 
At 09:10, rescuers received information that a tree had fallen on a car Mercedes Benz Sprinter at: Uzhgorod, Hvardiyska street. 
And already at 10:35, the fall of a tree on the carriageway was reported from Zhatkovich street.
There were no reports about casualties as a result of the bad weather.
SES in Transcarpathian region. 


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