A Transcarpathian will spent 3 years in jail for a theft

Uzhgorod district court of Transcarpathian region sentenced a 26-year-old previously convicted resident of Uzhgorod district to three and a half years in prison. Having come out of the prison last year, he did not want to work, was drinking heavily, led antisocial lifestyle. In August this year after a party with his pals, the guy committed a theft from a private shop in his native village, and was caught.  
It was already late night hours when the alarm at the facility was triggered. Private security guards went to the scene. The police was notified about the triggering of the alarm.  
When the guards lit the dark shop they saw that the glass on the front door was broken, and someone was walking in the premises.  The thief having heard that someone was outside tried to escape through the back door and broke the glass there. 
The intruder was arrested and taken to Uzhgorod district police station where they quickly established his identity. As it turned out, 26-year-old Serhiy was living in the same village where the theft occurred. He was unempoyed, stealing and getting drunk constantly. He did not have his own family, lived with his mother, sister and brother.  At one time this young man was caught for theft and was convicted, and last year he was released.
The police opened a criminal case against the arrested thief under Part 3 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code (committing a burglary). After investigating the case was transferred to the court, and recently the Uzhhorod district court sentenced Serhiy to three and a half years in prison – informed the Office the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region.

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