A Transcarpathian tried to transport 4 illegal migrants to the border (PHOTOS)

Four illegal migrants were detained last night by border guards of the Chop detachment during a joint special operation.

Law enforcement officers received the information about the possible arrival of a group of illegal migrants to the state border in advance from the operational officers of the border guard service. Accordingly, border guards enhanced border guard measures and sent additional patrols to the area. Soon, a joint interdepartmental group of border guards of the Chop detachment, operatives of the Western Regional Office of the SBGS, and officers of the National Police stopped on the outskirts of the city of Perechyn a car Volkswagen which was carrying the violators. Our compatriot, a resident of Mukachevo, tried to transport to the border two Syrian citizens and two citizens of Algeria, when he was stopped by law enforcement officers.

At present, the detained foreigners have been taken to the Perechyn district police department to conduct primary investigatory activities. After conducting appropriate filtering measures, they will be brought to administrative responsibility under Part 2 of Article 204-1 of the CAO "Violation or attempt to violate the state border". The driver, who was carrying the illegal migrants, is charged with a crime stipulated in Art. 332 of the CCU "Illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine".


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