A Transcarpathian tried to import hidden goods from Italy

On November 1, 2019, a citizen of Ukraine was crossing the customs border at the customs post "Tisa" of the Transcarpathian Customs, returning from Italy, where he had been on business trip. The Ukrainian arrived at the customs post by a truck DAF with a semi-trailer, the Zakarpatsky Korespondent reported.
Officers of the Transcarpathian Customs asked the citizen to fill in the customs declaration, in which he specified his passport data, the presence of luggage with personal belongings. During the oral questioning, the Ukrainian denied carrying any products in amounts that are subject to written declaration, customs payments and statutory prohibitions or restrictions on carrying across the customs border of Ukraine.
However, in the course of customs control of the Ukrainian’s vehicle and belongings, they found three boxes of foreign women and men’s clothes of different brands, sizes and colors. The goods were behind behind the roof canopy of the vehicle. Thus, the citizen of Ukraine failed to provide accurate information about the goods being transported by him across the customs border of Ukraine, which in this amount are subject to a written declaration and taxation.
These actions have signs of violation of customs rules under Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. At present, the report on violation of customs rules was drawn up, 95 items of goods, including men’s sweaters and pants WOOLRICH, men’s socks BRESCIANI, women’s hats WOOLRICH trade mark.The determination of the cost of the seized goods requires additional assessment involving an expert.

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