A Transcarpathian taxi driver made a unique church with beads

February 14, at the Uzhgorod Press Club there was the meeting dedicated to the history of Transcarpathia in beads. The guest speaker, resident of Uzhgorod Yuri Danko, presented his unusual product of beads – a model of the church in the village of Onok in Vynogradiv district within the project "Interesting Transcarpathia."

Yuri Danko also spoke about the kilometers and kilograms of materials spent on making the product and shared secrets of his hobby. 

His church model has more than 40 windows and doors, which took more than 120 hours to make. Inside there is a ladder with handrail, which also took a long time.
The author himself drew the layout for the frame based on the building of the church in the village of Onok in Vynogradiv district, adding some details of his own.


At least 150 bags of beads, almost 3 km of copper wire, and 700 m of steel wire were used for the product. In total, more than 2500 UAH were spent to make the product.

In addition, Yuri has made some more products, including a gift to his wife for 35 years. Now he plans to make a model of Horyany Rotunda – one of the oldest churches in Ukraine. 


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