A Transcarpathian stole street sign and took it home, because he liked it

At the time of the theft the man was drunk, and so he decided to bring home a "souvenir" from the street worth about three hundred hryvnias …

On that ill-fated night, a 30-year-old resident of Mukachevo was returning home drunk with a friend. On the road the duo noticed a road sign "Maximum speed limit of 30 km". The sign was lying on the ground: either it had been swept away by the wind, or someone had deliberately dismantled it.

One of the men liked the sign, he picked it up from the ground and decided to bring it home.   

But, Mukachevo patrol officers did not let him do that. The policemen noticed a suspicious passerby, who was carrying a road sign, detained him and took to the police station. So the residnet of Mukachevo failed to appropriate the state property. Instead, he now has problems with the law, as the road sign costs about three hundred hryvnias. So the thief caused damage to the state and will be responsible for it.

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