A Transcarpathian paid more than 129,000 hryvnias in alimony

Enforcement proceedings for the recovery of alimony from the debtor in favor of the child support collector are under enforcement at the Rakhiv District Department of the State Enforcement Service. The debt has existed since 2006. 

Due to the existing debt, the state enforcement service imposed restrictions provided for in Article 71 of the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings", namely, temporary restriction of the debtor’s right to:

leave Ukraine;

drive vehicles;


use weapons.

In addition, the debtor’s property and funds in banking institutions were seized. After imposing the restrictions, the debtor paid UAH 129,114, of which UAH 86,076 was arrears of alimony and UAH 43,038 was a fine for non-payment of alimony, the press service of the South-Western Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice (Ivano-Frankivsk) informed.

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