A Transcarpathian has been sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment for killing his brother

Svalyava District Court of Transcarpathian region sentenced a 34-year resident of the district center Svalyava, Vasyl, to 7 years of imprisonment. During this year’s Christmas festivities this young man, while being intoxicated, beat to death his elder brother Mykola. Interestingly, the latter also served his time in jail for drunken murder of their third, the eldest brother – Stepan …
In this unfortunate family everyone abused alcohol. Father and mother prematurely died because of it, leaving three sons. They, too, liked to drink. Back in 2002, the middle brother Mykola was convicted of drunken murder of his eldest brother Stepan. 
Returning from prison, he was living in his father’s house together with Vasyl. 
Mykola did not want to work but he needed money for booze, so junior Vasyl had to provide for him. He earned a living by helping villagers with the housework, procured wood in the forest and so on. For this he was paid money and given food. Unlike his older brother, he did not abused vodka.
On that fateful evening January 8, Vasyl was celebrating Christmas with the neighbors. Some poured vodka for the carols, others treated the guest with house wine. So in the evening the man was fairly drunk. At home, he met Mykola who was drunk too. As it often had happened before, there was a quarrel between drunk brothers, that turned into a brawl.  
The convicted man says that the angry brother ran into the barn for the ax with which he rushed at him, so he had to defend himself. It is impossible to find out if it true or not. What is known is that the drunken brother struck the other one on the head with wooden log, which made him fall to the ground. As forensic later testified, the victim died on the scene from a closed head injury, skull fracture and brain concussion, which was complicated by traumatic shock. 
The police instituted a criminal against the brother killer under Art.115, Part 1 of the Criminal Code (murder), which after the investigation was submitted to the court. In court the defendant repented of his deed, stated that did not want to kill his brother, but was only defending himself from the ax … Asked not to punish him severely. After considering all the circumstances, the court sentenced the man to punishment: 7 years of imprisonment for killing his brother – informed the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region.

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