A TB hospital is being built in Tyachiv district for grant funds (PHOTOS)

The tuberculosis situation around the world is difficult. In order to improve the disappointing statistics, the region has adopted a target social program for 2017-2021.

The key point in this pilot project is cross-border cooperation in the fight against tuberculosis in Transcarpathian region, as well as in Poland and throughout Europe.

The main grantee is the Ukrainian party. The amount of funds is 6.7 million euros, of which 10% is mandatory co-financing from the Ukrainian side.

The funds provided for Ukraine will be used to complete the construction of the tuberculosis hospital with 100 beds in the village of Nyzhnya Apsha, Tyachiv district. Other mandatory requirements are to purchase the necessary equipment, conduct training for staff at all levels, develop methodological work, produce manuals, provide proper scientific support.

Press service of Tyachiv district state administration 


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