A swindler cheated Perechyn district residents that dreamed of “blue fuel”

It is known that gasification of the house is troublesome and requires considerable resources. Therefore, residents of Perechyn district villages were not surprised when a young man offered to perform welding works in their homes, produce documentation for the operation of gas installations and asked for such services more than two thousand hryvnias. Hoping to have "blue" fuel in their homes soon, people gladly agreed. But time was passing, and the young man would not bring the promised documents.

Perechyn district police department received complaints from four victims. As the police found out, trusting people had given the fraudster significant amount of money.  The suspect explained that he did not gave the people the promised documents, because he did not have the right and permission to issue them. That is, he was deliberately misleading the victims. Currently, the case has been forwarded to the court, which will decide his fate.

Thanks to the professional actions of law enforcement, the fraud of the dishonest youngster was discontinued. And the victims have hope that they will have their money back.

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