A summer camp for children from foster families and family-type children’s homes has been opened

As the Transcarpathian regional center of social services for families, children and young people informed, from 18 to 22 of August 2014, in the city of Uzhgorod, a summer camp for children from foster families and family-type homes will be held. The event was organized by the Association "Transcarpathia without orphans" with the support of the Transcarpathian Regional Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth.

The summer holiday camp is organized at the training center "Nehemiah" in Uzhgorod. Children from Vynogradiv, Velyky Berezny, Uzhgorod district and the city of Mukachevo have come here.

The camp is held in order to prepare adolescents for independent living. The main topics of the camp, which are covered by professionals for children, are: "Developing healthy relationships among adolescents", "Healthy sexuality", "My Identity" and so on. Family counselors and volunteers from Germany and Ukraine are involved in the work of the camp.

Adolescence is the time of rapid changes: physiological, psychological and social. During adolescence, a further formation of feelings as generalized and relatively stable experiences (intellectual, aesthetic, moral, etc.) takes place.

Such a kind of vacation enables the participants of it to try to look at themselves from the outside, to make a responsible approach to independent choice of the right path in life. Such complex processes in the life of a teenager as choosing the right direction to the future is affected by a lot of surrounding factors. Especially, given the number of temptations that, in a frantic rhythm of life of the XXI century, are offered now by social networking, television and so on.

 It is to help teens and parents to go through the rebellious stage of life that such activities are conducted for.  

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