A Slovak was going to Ukraine with a gun

Today (28.02.13), at the customs post "Uzhgorod" Chop inspectors prevented illegal import to Ukraine of a gas pistol with 40 cartridges.

Heading from Slovakia to Ukraine by a car "VOLVO XC60", a 42-year-old Slovak during customs clearance chose the "green corridor".   

However, customs officers and border guards decided to check the legality of foreigner’s crossing the Ukrainian-Slovak border. Thus, during the inspection of the glove compartment of the car, they found an object similar to a gas pistol with 40 cartridges thereto made in Czech Republic. The man immediately admitted that the gun was his property.

So, for violation of the established procedure of customs control in the "green corridor" and carrying the gun without the declaration, the protocol was drawn up against the Slovak under Art.471 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. The discovered gas pistol and ammunition was confiscated.

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