A series of public speeches “TALK about” will take place in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

On September 30, at 16.00, a series of public speaches – the "TALK about" conference – will take place in the conference hall of the cultural and historical center "Owl’s Nest" (Uzhgorod, Rakoczy st., 2)!

"TALK about" is a project for those who have something to tell to others and are not afraid to share their experiences; for those who know how to listen and are interested in gaining experience, absorbing inspiration, changing and growing.

At the first "TALK about" conference, students will be able to learn about the experience in psychology, family relationships, work, personal growth, business and creativity, as well as enjoy inspired and quality live music.

Everyone, who comes, will receive delicious coffee from the restaurant "Le Cardinale" and will have the opportunity to win natural body care products from the "White Mandarin" TM.

The list of speakers, as well as the details of the conference, can be found on the official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/talkaboutuzhhorod/ or by calling: +380661172163.

So, we are looking forward to seeing you at the conference hall of the "Owl’s Nest" on September 30 at 16:00.

Admission is free!

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