A Russian was carrying scopes from abroad

Last weekend, at the crossing point "Tisa", border guards found parts for weapons.

The car CADILLAC, registered in Russia and driven by a 40-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation, was heading from Hungary to Ukraine. The driver chose simplified control lane – the "green corridor". However, taking into account a number of factors, border guards decided to conduct in-depth inspection of the car together with representatives of the customs office – the press service of the Chop border guard detachment repoted.

As a result of those activities, border guards found in the luggage compartment of the vehicle three scopes for hunting weapons: two with an 18x zoom lens, and one with a 10x zoom lens.

The scopes were seized and evaluated at 76,399 UAH.


11.11.2013 ППр Тиса приціли оптичні 2
11.11.2013 ППр Тиса приціли оптичні

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