A Russian illegal immigrant was transferred to Slovakia

Recently border guards of the Chop detachment arrested a man who illegally crossed the border … from Slovakia to Ukraine.He decided to illegally cross the state line in the dusk in the area of ​​the border guard unit "Palad Komarivtsi", but the border guards of the specified unit responded promptly and stopped an unknown man’s illegal journey within several dozen meters from the border.

The detainee said that he was a citizen of the Russian Federation, although he could not present documents certifying his identity. And during the clarifying of all the circumstances of the offense, 24-year-old Russian told that he had lost the documents while being in Germany and tried to get to Russia to restore them.


The border guards executed administrative and procedural documents against the detained offender for illegal crossing of the border, and by the court decision he was brought to administrative responsibility in the form of administrative detention. After serving a specified punishment, the offender was transferred to the Slovak law enforcement under the Agreement on readmission between the European Community and Ukraine.

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