A Romanian’s trick with fuel tank failed

Border guards of "Porubne" division detected a car "Audi", the fuel tank of which contained about 500 packs of cigarettes.

Last weekend, while leaving Ukraine by a car "Audi" with the foreign registration, a 54-year-old citizen of Romania arrived at the border and customs control point "Porubne". During the in-depth inspection of the vehicle, the border guards together with customs officers found inside the fuel tank 457 packs of cigarettes "Viceroy" made in Ukraine. On the same day, the tobacco product and the car 1995 "Audi", which was estimated at 40,000 UAH, were confiscated from the "pseudo-entrepreneur".

Another inventor, who was trying to import cigarettes into Ukraine, was detected at the Ukrainian-Moldovan border, at the crossing point "Sokirjany." During the inspection of the car "Mercedes", border guards found 45 packs of cigarettes "NISTRU", concealed under the rear seat of the car.

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