A resident of Uzhgorod declared 207,000 UAH of the year income

Two months of the declaration campaign – one of the most important areas of tax policy in our country – have passed, and the State Tax Service in Uzhgorod have summarized the first results on the declaration.

In total, almost five hundred citizens filed tax returns to Uzhgorod STS, declaring income totaling in more than 16 million hryvnias.

According to the department of taxation of individuals, more than 93 percent of the returns have been filed for tax rebate (the amount of individuals income tax subject to recovery is 482,000 UAH).

The positive aspect is that nearly 7 percent of submitted declarations are reports of citizens who have fulfilled their constitutional duty to declare income defined by the Tax Code of Ukraine, making the city coffers replenished by 84,000 UAH.  

The innovation of the declaration campaign in 2013 is the possibility of declaration of property and income in electronic form, which is already being successfully used by declarants.

Today in Uzhgorod there is a tendency to increase of wages. Thus, the highest declared year salary today is almost 207,000 UAH, the tax on which is about 32,000 UAH.

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