A resident of Beregovo, who moved to Donetsk, flaunts photos with a terrorist “Givi”

One of the participants of the ATO appealed to the publication Veregszasz.com.ua and told that he had come across the Vkontakte page of a former resident of Beregovo, who was flaunting photos with a terrorist Givi, who is fighting in Donetsk region for the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People’s Republic".

The soldier left an ironic comment under the photo, in which he reminded the girl that she was a native of Beregovo and had graduated Beregovo school number 1, and that her "schoolmates" are protecting the integrity of Ukraine from separatists, getting killed by mercenaries, including the terrorist Givi. "Somebody’s fathers and sons are fighting against separatists, and some are boasting pictures with them" – the soldier said.

The girl responded to that by justifying the separatists and referring to the free will.

Also, she wrote that she did not care what people think about her, because she had made her choice and no one has the right to condemn her. And added that she was not boasting the photographs.






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