A rally against government actions and quarantine took place in Kosice (PHOTOS)

On November 17, a protest rally was held in the Slovak city of Košice against measures imposed in connection with the coronavirus and against the government of Igor Matovic.

Over a thousand people gathered at the rally, although the organizers expectated more. Some people came from the regions.

The protesters chanted calls for the resignation of Matovic’s government, as well as slogans questioning the need to wear protective masks and even the existence of the coronavirus.

Some speakers spoke against total antigen testing, arguing that it is a violation of human rights, the constitution and the law. Most people took off their masks at the urging of unknown speakers.

The rally ended in a conflict between protesters and a group of men wearing balaclavas with the colors of the local football team. However, the police did not have to intervene, there was only a verbal altercation.

Kosice Municipality spokesman Volodymyr Fabian confirmed that the rally had not been officially announced and was therefore illegal.



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