A prayer can be ordered via Internet

Orthodox clergy of Transcarpathia use creative methods to communicate with their flock. The website of the Spiritual and Educational Center in Perechyn, for example, will contain a page where you can order a prayer for the health or repose of relatives. This was said at the opening of the center by the head of Perechyn Youth Fellowship Archpriest Vasyl Keretsman. According to the archpriest, the request will be directed to the regional temples.

In addition, the holy fathers intend to combine spiritual requests with charitable mission. Soon, website developers will introduce a system that would combine "request" with the transfer of funds for those who need it, with indication of a specific address. "We will send messages about those who need help to all email addresses of Orthodox clergy in the world. Thus, a person who needs prayer, will be able to help their neighbor", – said Vasyl Keretsman.

Encouraging the creativity of young clergy, Rev. Theodore, Archbishop of Mukachevo and Uzhgorod nevertheless noted that not all the principles of the Church can be subjected to innovations. "If you ask me, if one can confess by telephone or via the Internet, I will say no! Confession is a sacrament during which besides the priest and the confessor only the Holy Spirit can be present," – said the Bishop.

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