A photo project that smells of the smoke of war was presented in Uzhgorod (PHOTO-REPORT)

He was on the war and took pictures on the front line. Oles Kromplyas was a soldier himself and tells about Ukrainian soldiers.

He brought to Uzhgorod the project "Promka", which consists of the pictures taken in the industrial zone of Avdiyivka, which was and is the first line of defense of the Ukrainian army from the Russian-terrorist troops.

The author of the works was a participant of the ATO himself, but swapped a rifle for a camera and now as a photographer tells about the events in the east of Ukraine, where the war against the Russian invaders continues. All the works have their own history, and some of the people depicted in them are sadly no longer with us. Oles is ready to tell the story of each of the photos, and these stories are striking. Speaking about the exhibition, he seems to be once again experiencing the events that he witnessed.

"Can photos be a weapon? Of course. This is an information warfare. The war continues in the information space, at the negotiation tables and in the parliaments. And the more we influence it, the better. Unfortunately, today our enemies are more organized in this regard. They have high-quality propaganda materials. And we have to ask people for help in order to do war-related projects."

"I always work on the front line. I am not interested in "trench" stories. Of course, I was in danger, see these fragments? And the man in this photo… He’s gone".

"Will we win? Definitely! Of course, if we work for it! It will be hard, but we will win!"

So says the author. And the rest will be told by his works, which are exhibited in the Ilko Gallery.


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