A parade of chimney-sweeps will be held Mukachevo

Denmark is considered the birthplace of chimney-sweeps, since in 1639 a Lithuanian Goodman Olsen was cleaning the chimneys in the castle of King Christian IV in Copenhagen. And in 1728, there was a big fire in Copenhagen which destroyed nearly half of the city, after which the problem of fireplaces and chimneys maintenance became of national importance, and cimney-sweeps became important persons.

There is such an important person in Mukachevo – Bertalon Tovt, or as he is popularly called – Berti-bacsi. He has been doing this job in Mukachevo since 1973, and in 2010, his monument was set on the main street of the city! Thus Berti-bacsi is the face, the hallmark of Mukachevo!

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