A new type of transport in Uzhgorod: “boats” are back in the Uzh river (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Due to long and heavy rains, the Uzh river became full of water again. Petro Horvat posted a video on Facebook and commented: "Uzh has become “navigable." 
In the comments, Vladimir Sborshchikov noted that “they used to boat there, when the Uzh was full of water.” 
Alexander Kreger "In 1957, there was a berth near the Philharmonic for motor boats. They would turn around near ​​the place where the monument to Augustin Voloshin is now, then a monument to Soviet soldiers, and later, in the early 1960s, there was a kayak and canoe club where I trained." 
Video by Vasyl Stoyka: 


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