A new tourist route is being created in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

"Shandor’s Path": a passage from Olbracht Street to the Skansen is being arranged in Uzhgorod. 
Thus, the initiator of the project and the author of the idea, Professor Fedir Shandor explains, they will be able to create another city tourist route from one of the most authentic streets of the city to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life. Source. varosh
– The idea came about quite spontaneously, and, in this case, it is in fact quite obvious like anything in this world: we talked to the owner of the house on Olbracht street, whose yard is adjacent to the Skansen – and decided to make a free passage to the museum from the street. The museum also backed the idea. We will present the route in a week, on September 28. The knights will march along the route during the festival "Silver Tatosh: the Age of Drugets", – Fedir Shandor told us. 

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