A new pet in the center for brown bears

A new pet appeared in the Center for rehabilitation of brown bears – a one-year-old bear Masha. She was brought on November 7 by employees of the National Park "Synevyr" from the city of Skole in Lviv region. The bear became the 12th pet of the bear center.

"Until now Masha has been living at the tourist camp – the engineer on the animal protection of the National Park "Synevyr" Yaroslav Bundzyak said. – However, the owners were unable to create the necessary living conditions for her and feared that she could injure someone, so they asked to take her to the bear center."

The bear arrived to the Park "Synevyr" in good condition, calm and with good weight – 220 kg. For a month, she will stay in quarantine in a cage and under constant surveillance of a veterinarian who will do all the necessary vaccinations and examinations.

"Now Masha is still adapting to the new environment, checking out the neighbors. But soon she will get used and feel comfortable, because we have all conditions for normal life of bears in semi-free environment", – the director of the Park "Synevyr" Mykola Derbak said. 

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