A new marketplace without commission and payment for delivery has been established in Uzhgorod

Creative people are implementing a social project for their city – in just one day, they established the "Uzhgorod Online" marketplace. It is a site with products and services exclusively from Uzhgorod entrepreneurs and manufacturers. Entrepreneurs can sell without commission and buyers do not pay for delivery. 
The idea was apparently on the surface, and quarantine became the catalyst for its implementation, Vasyl Holovey says. The "Uzhgorod Online" marketplace is rather a social project. This online store can bring Uzhgorod entrepreneurs and manufacturers together in one community, which is very important during quarantine. But there is also a more global goal related to the local microeconomics. So one of the ideas is the exchange and support between local businesses. The concept was developed by the local digital agency Clever Web founded by Vasyl. Everything happened spontaneously and quickly, the concept came up on March 25, and then – a domain, a site, in parallel, an android-based mobile application was developed, as well as a presentation video on YouTube.
Delivery for the buyer is free of charge, it is paid for by the seller. More orders are better for the entrepreneur. The founders of the "Uzhgorod Online" are also involved in logistics, they have transport and cooperation with couriers.
There are currently 13 product categories on the marketplace: Tools and Car Parts; Construction and Repair; Children Products; Stationery and Books; Beauty and Health; Drinks and Food; Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry; Household Chemicals; Services; Gardening; Sports and Hobbies; Household Goods; Uncategorized. 


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