A new investment project in the field of tourism was presented in Uzhgorod

It includes tourist route for people with special needs, arrangement of stations and information signs

The launching conference of the project "Support to the economy of Transcarpathian region through the development and promotion of tourism potential," which is implemented under the program "Support to Regional Development Policy of Ukraine" was held on October 30 in Uzhgorod.

The new tourist investment project was presented by the manager of the RDA "Zakarpattya" and the Project Coordinator – Tetyana Zakharkevych. She said the priorities of the project are the development of tourism infrastructure of Transcarpathian region, promotion of tourism products of the region and development of an effective regional policy in the field of tourism.

As part of the implementation of this project, the following activities are planned:

  •            Construction of a tourist camp
  •            Construction of 5 tourist stations
  •            Coinstruction of a rope park
  •            Laying of a trail for people with disabilities
  •            Installation of 90 road tourist information signs
  •            Creation of an electronic database of tourist routes
  •            Creation of an online platform for promoting tourism in the Carpathian region
  •            Trainings, tourism festival
  •            Development of recommendations to the Program of tourism and resorts development in Transcarpathian region in 2016 – 2022 on the basis of the economic analysis of the region’s tourism industry
  •            Creation of the center for tourism development in the region.
  •            Creation of a tourist guide and film "Carpathian tourist path"
  •            Promotional tours of built infrastructure facilities and so on.

The implementation of the project will last 2 years, the total budget is almost 900,000 euros. "Support to the economy of Transcarpathian region through the development and promotion of tourism potential" project is funded by the European Union (Grant Agreement 2014 / 343-149). The project is implemented by Transcarpathian Regional Council in partnership with the ME "Regional Development and Cross-Border Co-operation Agency "Zakarpattya" of Transcarpathian Regional Council."

The event brought together the regional council chairman Ivan Baloha, members of the regional council, heads of district councils, mayors, representatives of departments of the RSA, regional and local development agencies, tourist information centers network coordinators, scientists and others. The participants discussed the current state and prospects of tourism development in Transcarpathian region. The Director of the Agency for Regional Development and Cross-Border Co-operation "Zakarpattya" Valeriy Hryshchenko described the experience of the RDA "Zakapattya" in participation in international technical assistance projects financed by the European Union. Welcoming remarks were made ​​by the chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Ivan Baloha, the Manager of the Executive Office of the Regional Council Mykhailo Popovich and the director of the housing and communal services, construction and infrastructure department Vasyl Pryhara.

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