A new bridge will be built and a checkpoint to Poland will be temporarily opened in Lubnya



Today, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration inspected the site of the bridge collapse in the village, the Uzhgorod city website reported. 

After the flood on Tuesday, the bridge piers were completely destroyed and the part that is now used by pedestrians is dangerous to cross. The water flow is directed to the remaining support that can collapse any moment. We have already begun preparatory works – expert examination, design documentation, allocation of funds for construction. While these works are being carried out, we are discussing possible ways to temporarily solve the problem.

Oleksiy Petrov instructed to set up warning signs and to prohibit using the damaged bridge. A temporary crossing will be set up there.

Emergency response vehicles will be coming from Poland.

"The village is located near the checkpoint on the border with Poland – "Lubnya-Wolosate". I will also ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba to urgently request the neighboring country to open the checkpoint for Polish firefighters and ambulance to come if necessary. The restoration of road infrastructure is strategically important. The development of the region and cross-border cooperation will depend on it," – the official stressed. 

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