A network of mini-waste recycling factories is to be built in Transcarpathia

In order to clean the rivers of Transcarpathia from household and industrial waste, a network of mini-factories with a complete recycling cycle in the territory of treatment facilities is proposed to be built in the region. This was reported by the Agronews with reference to analytical information to the draft of the Regional strategy for the development of Transcarpathian region for 2021-2027. 
Transcarpathian rivers are polluted with organic and dangerous substances. They have changed channel morphology, shores, floodplains and water regime. A major problem for the rivers in the region is high amount of household waste and the introduction of alien species of fish, animals and plants (rattan, American catfish, bass, etc.), the project analysts write.
The first of the listed problems are pan-Danube, the latter two are specific to the Ukrainian part of the Tisa river basin. The Tisa and the Tereblya, the middle and lower sections of Borzhava, Teresva, Latorytsya and Uzh do not meet the requirements of good ecological status.
To solve this problem, within the framework of the Program "Conservation of the Ecosystem of the Tisa River Valley in the Border Territories of Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia" developed by the Association of Local Self-Government Bodies, it is planned to implement projects for the construction of new wastewater treatment plants in villages of Transcarpathia and recycling of solid household waste.
The construction of mini-factories for recycling of solid household waste with a complete recycling cycle in the territory of treatment facilities will facilitate the elimination of landfills by recycling their contents at the plant with further reclamation of land.
It is also planned to establish related industries (drying of wood, fruits, wild fruits, plants in the summer) and for greenhouses, as well as the possibility to reuse treated wastewater for the needs of a settlement or for agricultural purposes. 

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