A native of Switzerland turned out to be illegal immigrant from the Republic of Congo

Border guards of "Chop" detachment while checking the train "Moscow-Bratislava", noticed a woman who presented a passport of the citizen of Switzerland.During the conversation, and check of the passport, they found out that the passport was valid, was not forged, but did not belong to that person.
As the border guards found out later, the woman was actually a citizen of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she tried to cross border to the EU with someone else’s passport, which had been sent to her by one of her relatives living in Switzerland.   But the border guards disclosed the violation, since the difference in age and appearance between the photo in the passport and its bearer was significant.Later the identity of the offender was established and by court decision she was sentenced to administrative detention for the period of 10 days with the subsequent deportation to the country of origin.

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