A Moldovan lost his 600,000 UAH car for the forged letter of authorization

Inspectors of the operations division of the Service to combat smuggling and customs violations of the Chop customs at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border prevented an attempt to smuggle a car "DAIMLER AG MB 221" model "S400 Hybrid" with false letter of authorization.

A 24-year-old Moldovan at the international checkpoint "Tisa" chose the "green corridor" for customs clearance and provided documents for the car. Customs officers decided to check the authenticity of the authorization for the use of the foreign car issued to the citizen of Moldova by an Italian and stamped by a notary in Italy, and sent a request to foreign services. The Italian, indicated in the documents, was only a renter of the car and had no authority to issue letters of authorization. Moreover, the notary, indicated in the "lime" letter of authorization, is not even registered in Italy.


For the presentation of the false letter of authorization to the customs officers, against the citizen of Moldova a protocol was written under Article 483, Part 1 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.The biennial ultramodern car worth almost 600,000 UAH excluding taxes and fees was confiscated until the court decision.

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