A “Mercedes” from Milan was detained in Chop

A worker from Italy tried to illegally transport to Ukraine a car "Mercedes-Benz Vito" with a forged number of the body. But Chop customs officers prevented the car fraud.

 The resident of Chernivtsy was returning from the city of Milan, where he works as a mechanic in one of the Italian companies, via the customs post "Tisa" in a van with Ukrainian registration numbers. Going through customs control, 46-year-old driver presented to the inspectors the certificate of registration for the car and other documents. However, customs officers in advance had been informed by the police on the possible illegal entry of the vehicle into our country with forged chassis number.

Therefore, they conducted an in-depth inspection and found out that a metal plate with the forged number was attached over the original body number.   

As the Ukrainian explained, he had rented the vehicle for one week from a stranger in Milan. Upon the take over of the minibus, our compatriot did not compare identification numbers with the data specified in the registration documents.

So, for import into the territory of Ukraine of the vehicle with fake numeric designations of the body, Chop customs officers drew up the protocol against the Ukrainian under Article 483, Part 1 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.

The car worth 92,000 UAH was seized until the court decision.

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