A member of the “Vidrodzhennya” became the Deputy Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Council (PHOTOS)

Today’s appointment became the proof of the final consolidation of the coalition between the parties "Vidrodzhennya" and BPP, which together make up the majority in the Transcarpathian Regional Council. At the next plenary session, 35 deputies supported the appointment of Petro Hrytsyk as the Deputy Chairman of the Council. The new official is a former "Party of Regions" member, who was the head of the Perechyn Distriict State Administration during the term of Oleksandr Ledyda as the head of the region and then elected to the Regional Council as a member of the "Vidrodzhennya" party. Hrytsyk is also an assistant of deputy Mykhailo Lanyo.


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