A meeting of the executive committee took place in Uzhgorod today: what did they decide?

According to the decision of the Uzhgorod City Executive Committee, adopted on Wednesday, July 8, a building will be installed near the linguistic gymnasium named after T.G. Shevchenko, ie the 1st school. 
1. Thus, members of the executive committee of the Uzhgorod City Council aprroved the installation of a temporary building of the tourist information center on Nezalezhnist Embankment near the house № 6. 
It is unknown what exactly this center will be doing.  
You can see the draft decision here
2. Decisions in the interests of children – on termination, establishment of guardianship, custody and appointment of a guardian, trustee; on participation of parents in raising of 2 children; granting permits to name 2 children with the surnames of their mothers; on the issuance of permits for the certification of agreements on transactions on behalf of children in respect of the property owned by children. 
3. To support Uzhgorod entrepreneurs until January 1, 2021, members of the executive committee reduced the fee for the use of landscaping structural elements for the placement of retail facilities in Uzhgorod. According to the decision made today, the payment is made monthly per 1 sq. m at the rate of 12% of the current minimum wage (excluding VAT).  
4. "On Polling Stations":  
– the boundaries of the polling station № 48 (210760) were changed;  
– the boundaries of the polling station № 58 (210770) were changed.   


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