A man tried to carry a child across the Ukrainian-Hungarian border by hiding her among things (VIDEO)

An attempt to illegally take a young child from Ukraine was prevented yesterday by border guards of the Mukachevo detachment at the checkpoint "Luzhanka" on the border with Hungary.

During an in-depth inspection of a vehicle Volkswagen, that was leaving Ukraine, the border guards found a hidden girl aged 5 years. The child was covered with a blanket with a bag on top. The girl had a biometric passport of a citizen of Ukraine, that was not presented to border guards during the passport control.

The girl’s surname did not match the surname of the man who called himself her father. Moreover, there were no permissive documents from the child’s mother. The man also did not have a birth certificate that could confirm his fatherhood.

Representatives of the National Police were informed about this. Currently, all circumstances of the illegal transportation of the child abroad are being established.

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