A man nearly killed his sister with a hoe

A young woman reported to Perechyn police department that her brother had inflicted her injuries. This incident was included in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations, preliminary legal classification – Part 1 of Article 125 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Alcohol abuse too often leads to irreparable consequences. So it happened this time.   

The young woman lives with her husband and children near the parental home. Despite the lack of free time, if necessary, she always helps her mother with the housework. And the necessity arises when the brother drinks.

On that day the woman came to milk a cow. The young man, being intoxicated, began to berate his sister, insult her with obscene language. Then he grabbed a hoe and hit the woman on the head. Having recovered a little, the victim was able to contact the local policeman.  For his actions the bully will be accountable to the law.

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