A love couple started a shooting in a residential area of ​​Uzhgorod

A unit of State Security Service detained a young man and his female partner, who in the middle of the day started shooting with a pneumatic gun on a construction site in a residential area of ​​Uzhgorod.

Uzhgorod city police department was reported that on the construction site on Chornovil street, sounds similar to gunshots were heard. The officer on duty informed the units that patrolled the city. The unit of the State Security Service was the closest to the specified object. Upon arrival, the police began to survey the territory. In a short while they detained a young man with a girl, who were shooting with a gun at a target.

The 23-year-old Kostyantyn could not provide documents for the air gun. As he explained, he had purchased the gun from an unknown man, believing that he was not doing anything illegal. He decided to entertain his girlfriend, and invited her to shoot bottles at the construction site. The idea that shooting in a residential area may cause accidents did not even occured to him.

The policemen reported the detention to the investigative team. Law enforcement officials seized the gun, brought the guy to the police department where he gave explanations. The seized weapons was sent to Research Forensic Centre at the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for examination.

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