A Hungarian was hiding from customs officers 37 kg of raw meat

During the inspection of the international mail, Chop customs officers found in one of the parcels among the personal belongings two packs of the medication "Codidol retard 120 mg". As it turned out, 40 foreign-made pills containing the active ingredient dihydrocodeine had been sent by a citizen of Austria from Vienna to Kyiv.

Active substance dihydrocodeine (dihydrocodeinbitartrat) is a narcotic drug, which is restricted for circulation pursuant to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine dd. 06.05.2000 № 770 "On approval of the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors." According to the Convention of the Universal Postal Union, transfer of narcotic and psychotropic substances in all categories of international mail is prohibited.

Therefore, for the transfer of prohibited medications across the customs border of Ukraine in the international mail, a protocol was drawn up against the foreign citizen under Article 473 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. Narcotic pills were seized.

In the second case, a 53-year-old Hungarian, who was heading to Ukraine by car "VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT VARIANT", during the customs control denied the presence of goods and items restricted or forbidden to import to the territory of our country. However, when inspectors have checked the vehicle, they found 37 kg of food hidden from customs control.     

As the Hungarian explained, he concealed the food from customs control because he knew about limitations for import thereof to Ukraine.         So, for concealment of food from the customs control, a protocol on violation of customs regulations against the driver was drawn up under Article 483, Part 1 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.

In another case, our countryman, leaving Ukraine to Hungary at the customs post "Tisa" when passing customs control, was sent form the "green corridor" to the "red" one – for in-depth inspection of the car "Seat Altea". Although during the oral questioning the Ukrainian staunchly declared that he was carrying only personal belongings, and denied the existence of any other goods, including that hidden from customs control, the customs officers found in the car structural cavities, "stuffed" with 408 packs of cigarettes. After execution of the protocol against the driver under Article 483, Part 1 of Customs Code of Ukraine, Belarusian tobacco products without excise stamps "Minsk 5 Superslims" and the car that was used to transport the hidden goods worth over 110,000 UAH, were seized until the court decision.

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